Training Courses

Food Safety Level 2

This course is designed to be informative for food handlers who process, produce or manufacture food.

It is a current legal requirement for any food business to ensure their staff are trained commensurate with the job they are doing.

A minimum of 6 hours of training is required for this course.

An exam paper and reference book are included.

Food Safety Award Food  Level 3 Intermediate

This course covers Food Safety and Food Safety Management Systems.

It is for Management and will allow them to train their staff competently and confidently, ensuring their business complies with current EU Regulations.

The current legal requirement is for management to be trained to a higher level than the staff they manage.

The course is taught over a 3 day period and comes with exam paper and a reference book.

Food Safety Award Level 3 Refresher

This is a refresher course for those people that have previously completed the Level 3 Award and wish to update the qualification.

We work through the work book and a Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon completion of the course.

In order to qualify for this course a copy of the original certificate must be presented.

Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering

This is a very rewarding course for Management or people who have successfully achieved Level 3.

It takes them further into detail than the Level 3.

Upon completion of this qualification the candidate will have amassed enough information to register to tutor others in all things ‘Food Safety’.

The course is run over a 6-8 weeks, one day a week.

An exam must be sat at the end of the course.

There is an exam at the end of the course, you as the candidate can choose a multiple choice or a written exam.

The course comes with a reference book and exam paper.

Level 4 refresher

This refresher is considered to be a necessary tool to keep Managers up to date and form part of a businesses Due Diligent Defence

Allergens Awareness Training

This course is designed for food business and will allow them to comply with new EU Regulations.

It demonstrates how to put information into place for customers who have food allergies or intolerance’s to allow them to make an informed choice of the food they will consume and avoid, in severe cases, anaphylactic shock.

The course comes with sample documents for you to adapt to suit your business.

Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)

This course is for food businesses.

HACCP is a food safety management system which identifies, evaluates and controls hazards which are significant for food safety.

This course is held over a one day period and comes with an accompanying book.

It does not have an exam attached to the course and can be adjusted to suit your business.

Food Safety Management Systems

This course is designed for food businesses and demonstrates how to use a recognised Food Safety Management System that can be used as part of the business Due Diligence Defence.

This course is held over a one day period and can be tailor made to suit your business.

Raising Food Hygiene Rating Score

This is done by visiting your business and advising on changes in your business practices.

Staff training and implementing new systems of working.

Applying a different approach to your verification records.